The Hashtag Dilemma

We need to stop using buzz words and catch phrases to garner attention because they shortcut our ideas and reduce them to a pop culture hashtag. If you have a…

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It struck me the other day, while reading about Tim Ferris, that most of us go through life in a sort of mental auto-pilot. Now Ferris has made a career out of pushing social norms and bucking the status quo while trying to do it all as efficiently as possible.

But that’s because he’s what Malcom Gladwell might classify as an outlier, someone that has a certain outlook on life and was raised under just the right circumstances to completely disrupt how we plebeians navigate life. But why don’t we all do this? There are billions that have access to…

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  • Did you start?
  • I’m sorry, were you finished?
  • Thanks for coming.
  • Thanks, I’ll send a follow-up email.
  • Do you need more time?
  • I like what you did at the end there.
  • Is that it?
  • Can you come back in?
  • Let’s try that entrance one more time.
  • Please don’t put that there.
  • I haven’t seen someone get that excited before.
  • I’m not sure what to say.
  • Wow, I totally forgot you were still here.
  • Sorry, I’m in a hurry. Will you need a long time?
  • Do you need help with that?
  • That was interesting.
  • Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. …

Lessons drawn from my younger, more idiotic self


When I was 19 years old I did something so unexpected that my entire family did everything in their power to stop me, short of physically restraining me. Something everyone warned me not to do. From family members, to close friends, to recent acquaintances; it was a bad idea that could potentially ruin my life.

But who listens to advice when you’re 19? I knew with all my life experience, southern Texas high school education and sheer force of will that this was not only a good idea, it was brilliant. Genius…

Unity and being unique are our greatest strengths

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I’ve never been one to celebrate the new year and all that rot but I have to say, I really hope we see 2021 and soon. Not that I’ve given up on this year but is there anything that hasn’t started to fall apart? We should be thankful the Tundra isn’t on fire or something.

In the midst of all this upheaval, we still need to survive our day to day existence and that usually means working and paying bills. For decades it was seen as a sign of prestige in America to be hired at a respectable company and…

Fear is there to warn us of danger but it doesn’t mean run away everytime

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How easy is it to dissuade ourselves from an idea or goal? Like taking candy from a baby it would seem. But that’s an odd analogy because we’d be taking candy away from ourselves. And why are we calling ourselves a baby anyway?

That’s weird, stop that.

Back to the topic at hand, the fear of failure. The inside voice that wreaks so much internal havoc that causes us to sabotage ourselves externally. We all have the inner critic that tells us that no matter how hard we try to succeed, we won’t. Or that we may get there but…

Stop buying photography courses and other crap

What was once a learning boon has become a wasteland of peddling

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The advent of the internet has seen an explosion of online training and instruction in pretty much any career in existence. Everything from CD’s (early 2000’s), to streaming videos, to PDF docs and, most recently, subscription memberships. In some instances, this is a great asset as it can give novice photographers insight that might normally be years away or even insider secrets that only a few are privy to. …

Why would President Trump want to remove the US Attorney for the SDNY 5 months before an election?

A concerned US citizen tries to make sense

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On Friday evening, June 19th, 2020, the US Attorney General’s office announced that Geoffrey Berman was stepping down as US Attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) effective immediately. Now in an age when the Trump administration has made it modus operandi for the hiring and firing of prominent political and judicial positions, specifically on Friday nights (IG Linick and IG Atkinson), this may seem just like any other removal from office since his tenure began in 2016. But is it?

As of this writing, Geoffrey Berman has stated that…

And how Russian trains can make all the difference

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The International Space Station (ISS) is a marvel of modern science, technological achievements and international collaboration. A floating metropolis rocketing around our planet at 17,500 mph (5 miles per second!) that was built and launched over a 10-year period by 15 different countries. It’s the largest man-made object in space and is still one of the greatest resources for scientific study and human exploration (it’s also the most expensive object ever built with a $150 billion price tag).

Talk about the Everest of goals.

The list of technical challenges to bring this into being are almost endless, and chief among…

How to eliminate procrastination and become a to-do list master

Today is the day. You’ve set aside time. The kids are occupied as planned. You’ve got your favorite tea in that cute mug you bought on vacation to the Grand Canyon and your focus is unshakable. It’s time to get that chore done you’ve been putting off since forever. It could be your taxes, that long over due essay about political instability and economic growth in Indochina during the 16th century, or cleaning the grill from that legendary 4th of July party. In 2016. Regardless of the task at hand it’s time to get it done!

And then you find…

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Veteran/Actor/Photographer/Star Warser — Writing about anything that helps make sense of this crazy world. LLAP

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